Stress and Health in the Context of Migration

The process of migration is characterized by psychosocial experiences and demands that can occur before, during, and after migration. These experiences and demands can share many characteristics with chronic, as well as traumatic, stress experiences. The biological consequences of these stressors are not well investigated.

The aim of our research area "Stress and Health in the Context of Migration" is to understand the biological consequences of migration and stressors experienced in the context of migration, and to investigate wether these consequences permit a better understanding of health and disease in migrants.


VIOLIN: VIOLIN: Verbal Violence against Migrants in Institutions

The aim of this project is to develop a comprehensive model for the integration of migrants in new socio-cultural environments. A particular focus is placed on aspects such as violence and trauma. The combination of expertise from political science, linguistics, medicine and psychology enables the researchers to investigate the interplay between socio-cultural experiences and biophysical reactions. Particular emphasis is placed on hidden forms of exclusion and symbolic violence in institutions.

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